I was asked today about what the best practice is for using Passle. The answer is that this depends on your business and your target audience. 

The FinTech Collective were early adopters of Passle, and we've charted their success journey as a case study here

They've used Passle to create bite-sized commentaries on headline news. The idea is to keep their core audience up-to-date on the latest in fintech.

As you can see from the case study, this technique has quickly established them as thought-leaders in their field. It has also proved sustainable: since March 2014 they've created nearly 2000 posts.

Lessons you can learn from them:

  • Use your Passle to focus on your niche subject. This also happens to be great for SEO as regular expert content will help establish it as a quality page.
  • Be clear as to what your approach is. For instance, the FinTech focus on commenting on news. You might want to create standalone Passle posts instead, or focus on specific sources.
  • Have a strategy for frequency. Decide how many times each member of your team is going to create content. For instance, one post a week.
  • Distribute your content to the right people. The FinTech Collective use Passle's newsletter generator to generate a list of recent content, which they then share to their key contact. Their weekly newsletter has an impressive open and click rate because it's being sent to people who care about the content.