I’m forever making observations; analysing things. In fact it’s a way of life. Sometimes people will say, ‘you’re always in your own world’, when in fact, I’m actually trying to make sense of the whole world in front of me. It’s quite enjoyable really.

By observing what’s in front of us, we develop understanding about what is indeed, in front of us. Without words, we have to make decisions off our own back. Rationalising to ourselves what it exactly is. To a trained mind, the majority of rational decisions are often correct ones. But many people need some guidance. That guidance can come in writing.

Whilst I spend a lot of my time researching, I also spend a good amount of time setting up Passle pages for clients. This involves setting up user profiles. Profiles are usually copied from LinkedIn, though if there isn’t anything there, I will search the firms’ website, and if that throws up nothing, then nothing is inputted.

It’s thoroughly eye opening how much I actually learn by doing this. As a game, I put myself in the shoes of a prospective client - minus the problem, though I can make a problem up if need arises. I ask myself, on the basis of this profile, would I seek help from this person?

I first look for some personality. Personality is a term that we apply to our outer self. It can be anything. Though it’s usually the persona that you wish others to see. So why would you project a rigid and robotic personality? I throw my head back in dismay at the number of bland profiles. I even see some profiles that give a long-winded description of the firm they work for. How does that tell me anything about you?

Include things about yourself. How about these ideas:

  • Use questions. Nothing beats engagement.
  • Give a list of clients you have worked with. Impressive.
  • Identify your skills clearly.
  • Tell people why you’re ambitious about your work. Drab one line summaries are the worst.

The better you can draw in viewers, the longer they will spend on your profile. With the information you give, they can make an informed and rational decision based on your skills and personality.

So, say something about yourself.