Some changes are coming to Twitter that should make quite a few people happy.

First of all, you will no longer need to put a full stop in front of someone's handle when addressing them if you want it to appear in your timeline. All replies will instead be appearing on the timeline.

i.e where before you might have said:

.@passle is a fantastic tool for busy experts #win

you can now just go ahead and say:

@passle is a fantastic tool for busy experts #win

Forgetting or not knowing to add the full stop is an error committed by even seasoned Twitter users, so this seems to be a move to make the platform more user-friendly to newcomers. 

As well as this, a person's Twitter handle itself won't count towards the 140-character count (nor will attachments, such as photos, polls and videos). So you no longer have to choose between including someone in the conversation or sharing the GIF of a cat falling off a chair, you can do both!

The other change is you can retweet or quote your own tweets -a potentially great way to draw attention to any older tweets.

The exact date for the release of these changes hasn't been announced, but we should be seeing them roll out in the next few months.