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Who Are You Loyal To?

Can you think of a brand that you 'swear by' or have repeatedly bought from time and time again? Can you remember the last time you spread the word about a brand's product, even in the face of their competitors' taking action? Most people in the world are loyal to one brand or another, consciously or otherwise, and this applies to B2B as well as B2C.

Brand loyalty is extremely powerful and it's absolutely paramount that businesses are getting it right. In the below video, Rob Thomas of WSI gives some very valuable advice about how we can foster brand loyalty from our audience. 

The following two points really stood our for me:

Personalise, Personalise, Personalise

Content is only king when it's golden. This means it has to be concise, accessible, relevant, authentic and timely (CARAT). What's more, if the content is highly personalised to your clearly-defined audience, it will be vastly more valuable; increasing the likelihood of gaining their trust and devotion. Try to use their name, or use personalised content to engage with them on social.    

Encourage Feedback

It's a conversation. Use social listening tools to know when your audience are engaging with your brand. When they do engage, talk to them! Thank them for getting in touch, and use such opportunities to signpost them to additional bits of content that will be of value to them. Whatever you do, do not ignore them!


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