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If a Tree Falls in the Woods

A very insightful piece from CIO here, which argues that one of the principal factors for the mismatch between content marketing goals and results is the lack of a content distribution strategy.

Creating content is just half the story; the flip-side of the coin being distributing that content and getting it in front of the 'right' people. For us, distribution occurs via social and newsletters, as well as feeding into the relevant places within our brochure site. Without an air-tight distribution strategy, the entire process of content marketing becomes futile (as harsh as it sounds). The if a tree falls analogy very much applies.

We always advocate that people share their own content, and their colleagues content as well. It's a fantastic way to amplify the reach of your firm's content, whilst fostering a culture of employee advocacy.

My favourite analogy for this is that if a tree falls in a forest and no one hears it, did it make a sound? Most pieces of content are like falling trees in the dense Amazon rain forest of B2B tech marketing. Most B2B tech companies fail to take advantage of the multiple digital and social media channels to promote content. (As an aside, most senior executives in B2B tech companies are not themselves active in social media).


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