Shot unsuccessfully crowdfunded last year to become a new social media platform based around virtual reality. They've designed a camera adapter which will make it easy for anyone to create 235-degree videos and 360-degree pictures.

Up until now I've been curious to see how the average B2B company could leverage virtual reality to market themselves. By being the 'Instagram of Virtual Reality' I can see a little more clearly how businesses might capitalize it:

  • Film events, including conferences, so that people watching it feel as if they're really there.
  • Give behind-the-scenes experiences at your business.
  • Show off company culture in fun ways
  • Find imaginative ways to introduce new concepts (perhaps by having different colleagues stand in different parts of the room holding placards with info?)

While Shot didn't make it, there are several VR social platforms emerging already:

  • Altspace and vTime are both focused on connecting you and your friends/family in a virtual reality context.
  • Expect established networks to get in on the game. Facebook has already built a virtual reality team and has been experimenting with 360-degree pictures in a bid to keep its users from moving away.

More are bound to appear on the scene, watch this space...