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#MarketerProblems: Can Marketers Laugh at Themselves?

Really enjoyed Laura Chetcuti's post about the popularity of #RecruitmentProblems Memes. I decided to search Twitter to see if #MarketerProblems or #MarketingProblems exists - it sure does, but it did not feature as many images as I expected.

Below is one of the images I found, and I've added a few more tweets to the right.

I wonder why there are so few - is it because we spend so much time creating memes and other visuals for different professions that we rarely a caustic glance at ourselves? Is it because complaining about our frustrations might not seem like a wise move?

Or perhaps I simply haven't found the right hashtag.... 

I created this article last week which was a collection of memes for the recruitment industry and it ended up being one of my best viewed pieces. Why? MEMES.  It's amazing how much everyone seems to love a meme! Stick a meme on it and you're golden, at least in my network anyway. Why though? The meme is so effective that under most descriptions of the 'internet meme' you find something along the lines of 'spread from person to person'. It's viral by nature but what makes each one so successful? 


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