This article by the CMI is a really nice summary of the biggest reasons why salespeople should engage in content marketing. At the end of the day, people buy from people and in most cases, you will buy from someone you like. 

In 2017, it is harder than ever to maintain strong business relationships when we spend less time than ever interacting with people face to face and more time in front of a screen. Ultimately, technology allows us to be in contact with hundreds of people in a short period of time, but it can also jeopardise the quality of those interactions.

Creating and sharing content represents an invaluable way of nurturing business relationships. Providing interesting & relevant industry specific content to your prospects gives them a reason to engage with you in the future and, as the citation below underlines, you can show your prospects that you care and are a credible person within the industry.

Equally, when the relationship goes cold or there is a long period of time of time between your next meetings, content represents a non-intrusive way of staying front of mind.

So, content creation won't be an overnight success story but it will be instrumental in helping you develop those long-term business relationships, because when you cannot be there to say the right thing, your content can!