Here at Passle we are a pretty active group of people. From triathletes and runners, to football and occasional ping pong, we all enjoy and make an effort to keep physically fit.

I love fitting in a quick spin class or swim in my lunch break as it eradicates the mid-afternoon slump and keeps me proactive right through the day. There have been many articles and media campaigns citing the importance of physical exercise before or during work and the positive impact it can have on a workforce. However one thing that has only had a brief few mentions is brain training.

Day after day, on trains, busses and trams, people are bent over double, earphones in and eyes on their phones. I'm always inquisitive to know what exactly are people doing? Watching mindless TV programs, reading or endlessly scrolling through Instagram?

I was particularly guilty of these until I came across brain training apps. I started with a few and every day would complete tasks, games and puzzles. Now I've moved on to games like Wordbrain and even spider solitaire and I'm pretty convinced that a quick go on these has had a big impact. I find my problem solving abilities to be better, I'm less guilty of looking at a problem in just one way and I find multi-tasking less stressful. 

If anyone has a new recommendation, I'm keen to find my next favourite challenge! I for one will keep both brain and body training at the top of my priority list.