There's been a trend in recent years for companies to talk the talk of empowerment and feminism in their marketing campaigns, but without actually walking the walk. Feminism has become a powerful campaigning tool and large corporations have long wised up to this. However, to do so if your own company is not actually supporting women, whether this is through pay wages, lack of support for harassment in the workplace claims, unmanageable hours for child-caring, etc, will rightfully get you flagged up as a hypocritical business.

Remember that if you are going to jump on the International Women's Day bandwagon, to look upon your own company first: are you walking the walk? 

Below are 9 ethical and feminist companies you might want to support today, to which I would add:

  • Birdsong: helping survivors of human trafficking
  • La Batarde: approximately 70 percent of the retail price are donated entirely to the Abortion Support Network, helping women in Ireland and Northern Ireland.