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Great communications for people that don't have time to write.

The link below is a budget update that I received from the Oxford-based accountant Critchleys. It's a really good piece of content in which Gerry Jackson, their senior tax advisor, gives his take on the 2017 budget. It's good for a number of reasons, not least of course, because Gerry gives some really useful information about the budget. 

More, though, it's very authentic. The person speaking is very much an individual that you can relate to and it makes Critchleys seem like a very competent and approachable organisation. 

It made me realise that while most business-to-business communications are still in writing, there's lots of room for experts to build their brand without needing to be a great writer. 

Indeed, I have just "written" this post by dictating to a mobile phone. It took a fraction of the time it might have taken to write.

Business Tax Join Gerry Jackson for his 60 second summary of how the 2017 budget impacts businesses.


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