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Best tools to find relevant images for your content.

When it comes to sharing your content onto the social networks, it is no surprise that the accompanying imagery has a big impact in terms of engagement. Buffer suggest that posts containing images generate 39% higher engagement than those without.

Where then can you go to find relevant images that add value to your content? 

Below I have listed a few helpful tools that are readily available to use with minimal design experience:

  • Canva - free web-based tool (with additional premium features) easy to use for someone without design skills creating brilliant on-brand images that you can share onto social.
  • Pablo - an extension of Buffer, invigorates quotes and short snippets of text from your content into thought provoking pictures. 
  • Over - great app for creating custom social media graphics on your tablet/smartphone (fee to download app in appstore). 
  • PiktoChart - perfect to creating infographics to align your insights (free with premium options). 
  • Snappa - create compelling icons/graphics that are easily resizable for sharing on each social network (free with premium features).

If however, you would prefer to use images already created and purposed for reuse, I would recommend: 

  • Flickr - provides access to online galleries which you can embed into your content.
  • Google Images - see the video below providing a step-by-step walk through on how to search for content that has been "labelled for reuse" - providing access to an enormous repository of images that you can share with your content.

The only remark I have is that you keep selected images relevant to each of your posts as it will maximise the quality of engagement. 

Use Google Search Tools to search for images labeled for reuse.


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