One company to lose out on their position tonight as a Thames Valley 50 Game Changer was Fairsail. They actually lost because they had won, acquisition by Sage earlier this year now makes Adam’s team Sage People. 

With the expertise and knowledge to demonstrate, Adam provided the audience at tonight's event with three valuable pieces of advice to grow a business. The approach is no doubt going to be infectious within Sage and perhaps be a real catalyst for the business to grow further. This advice seems applicable to any size organisation whether you are EY, Oracle or a fast growing Fairsail:

  1. Customer Success - making your clients as successful as possible is key. Be sure to have clarity on what you do and don’t be afraid to say no if it is not core product fit.
  2. Innovation - continuous product development and innovation inline with your clients needs and future needs. Adam indicated that they have consistently built user groups of 70 strong to drive this. Also a great marketing tactic to drive advocacy.
  3. The Team

All three of these are very much combined. To drive innovation and success with your clients a great team is required, attracting a great team at a sustainable rate requires a successful, growing and respected business. This would indicate that getting your team leadership right is the best possible start you can make.