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28 Cold Email Tips Backed by Digital Marketing Experts

I tend to be more on the receiving end of cold emails than a sender of them, but even so, I found the below article insightful. It includes some great real-life examples of successful emails and the responses they generated. Of course, not all of these will work for your industry, but perhaps they will give you some ideas on how to approach key contacts better?

Email outreach is clearly more than just sending an email to the right guy. Converting your marketing prospects into marketing opportunities is not something that everybody does right from the first shot.   For once, because it works like a riddle – it’s never the thing that first pops into your mind. That very first thing you’re thinking of including in your outreach pitch was probably used by other hundreds of people hoping to stand out.   So is there anything you can do to get your email read by your potential clients? There sure is! Check out the following cold email tips backed by awesome digital marketing experts and boost your email open rates like never before. 


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