Warning: I am about to rant:

I dislike (really dislike) jargon.  Some examples:

  • If you don't build a moat you will be digging your own grave. (Something to do with protecting your business position so others cannot attack).
  • How long is your runway? (How much money does your business have until you go broke)?
  • Time to ITL that person/team. (Invite them to leave - ie fire them - Really??)
  • Let's swim in our lanes (??)
  • Action that solve (no idea but I know I do not like it)  Arghhhhhh.

Please speak normally!  Take your business jargon and..... go pivot.

Rant over - now time for my short thought.  What is true in meetings and on conference calls is true in how we write content online. Let's be confident enough to use our own voice and write with words everyone will understand and please please don't use acronyms - no-one understands them outside your firm (literally no-one).

Thanks - it will make us all happier.