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"Saving the World from Bad LinkedIn Profiles"

Are you spending enough time on your LinkedIn headline? All too often it's simply used to share your current job title - but as we all know, those aren't terribly informative. They don't tell us anything about your specialties, or of the added values you bring.

Here's a few things to consider:

  • Use a couple of relevant keywords to help your profile get found
  • Use | or , to silo different parts of your headline
  • Don't use the words ninja, superstar, rockstar. Unless you are a *literal* ninja, superstar or rockstar. If you sometimes wear a comedy tie and got your tweet favourited by Zuckerberg, you are not a superstar.
  • Probably best to avoid 'Seeking my next opportunity' or phone number also - it's coming on a bit too strong and we don't know yet who you are or whether you're worth approaching....

Want practical examples?

I'm a fan of Aaron Orendorf.

(And no, it's not just because he featured me in this Content Marketing Institute post, though that was 👌🏼)

He's been on a mission the last few weeks, of taking a willing guinea pig's LinkedIn profile and looking it over, and his advice is always sensible.

Take a look at these two for instance which tackle a very common issue on LinkedIn profiles: jargon, and lack of specifics.

Aaron even had a taste of his own medicine by inviting his friend Jacob Warwick to audit his own one:

It's always reassuring  when even marketers at the top of their game admit that some things are always in beta.

I know I will be going back to mine to see how I can refocus it.

And if you're feeling stuck, check out this headline cheat sheet here.


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