Jason Sibley of Creation Agency provided top tips to align sales and marketing within b2b firms. Beyond influencing each other (take a look at Cialdini's 6 Pillars of Influence via Dan Connors here)

1. Better understand your buyer - make DNA of Influence part of the strategy. Sales can quite easily provide very detailed insight into your audience.

2. Unlock the potential of social amplification - sales get engagement and follower growth - marketing the traffic make experts of your sales people.

3. Utilise the immediacy of the buyer intent data - grab prospects while they are learning and acting and route quickly to sales.

4. Sales-driven content marketing - the foundations of account based everything. Make them part of the marketing journey. Sales are at the coal face and know what your audience need/want. This where Expert-to-Expert Marketing is key - having your sales contributing content to your strategy.

5. Listen, track, be relevant - personalised web experiences for increased conversation and better data. This can be done easily with content created by sales, since they know the needs of your target audiences.

In summary to truly engage your audience you need to know more about them. Your sales teams are most aware of what your target audiences really need so make sure they are engaged and part of your marketing strategy