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Jumping Through Lasers: 2 Factor Authentication on Passle

I groaned when our CTO insisted we install 2 Factor Authentication at the start of 2017. 

Whilst I agreed with the general sentiment (security, what if someone stole your laptop etc., our clients security etc.), I really couldn't be bothered installing it.

However, since starting to use 2FA at Passle, I have begun to wonder how anyone isn't already using the same tech. It takes a few seconds to install and is a brilliantly simple way of making it that more difficult for someone to break into your kit.

Equally, as was discussed in the office the other day, there is something quite nifty about needing your special code to access the different areas of our software and this is something we now offer to all of our clients. Jumping through lasers for all. 

Multifactor authentication (MFA) technologies such as hardware-based tokens, biometrics and mobile authentication are now seen as the best way to combat the huge amount of personal data now held by cybercriminals around the world.


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