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The Trusted Source

Today I'm at the #EdgeRecruit event in London. On stage a moment ago was Passle's Tom Elgar, speaking about the Expert-to-Expert theory and how it's relevant to those operating within the Recruitment and Executive Search space. 

One area of focus in Tom's talk was Edelman's (2017) research into what makes thought leadership successful:

It is this fifth point around the Trusted Source that typically resonates most with the companies I talk to. The prospective clients that I meet with have usually engaged in a discussion because they have a need to: (A) unlock the expertise within their colleagues' heads, and (B) get it in front of their key contacts within their clients/prospects.

It's the dialogue around this second bit (B) where ISTATOY really hits home. If you can solve (A), then it's crucial that you make it really simple for the wider firm (and crucially those who hold the high-value relationships) to share these insights, 1-2-1 with your key stakeholders. The cool bit? The 51% click rate, and the fact that you can notify your expert colleague that you've used their knowledge.


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