Expertise, knowledge and experience set your organisation aside from the competition. Leveraging this expertise in sales and marketing provides real value for prospective customers and drives better results for each step in the new business process.

Here are some ideas for how to bottle your firm's expertise and deliver it during your sales and marketing efforts to improve results.

1.Event promotion

Whether you are hosting or sponsoring, events are a key part of marketing efforts. To get more out of these events it helps to have one or two well written insights about specific learnings from the event. These insights can form the basis of your online event promotion.

When you offer an expert insight into what can be gained from an event, you improve attendance and even those prospects that cannot attend will be exposed to your message.

2.Event follow up

The end of an event marks the start of the nurture and follow ups. This is where an event turns out to be a great success or fails to deliver results. Similarly to event promotion, an expert insight as a follow up is something valuable that can be sent immediately after or even during the event. 

Rather than a product pitch, it is important that this content is educational and showcases your particular expertise. Rather than receiving yet another generic follow up email, your leads will be getting something valuable and useful.

Even if they aren’t interested right now - you are positioned as valuable and knowledgeable, keeping your firm front of mind for the future.

3.Social media engagement

The number one rule of corporate social media: don’t try to sell. Sales pitches on social disengage your audience and don’t drive engagement. If you are using expertise and insights, you have a fresh feed of useful information for your audience.

Most importantly you can start to get your ideas in front of your audience when others share, retweet and repost your insights.

4. Lead & opportunity nurture

Whether its sales or marketing that are following up with leads, having a library of expert insights tailored to the common challenges your audience faces is a valuable tool in developing a relationship.

If your prospect mentions a particular problem in a meeting, the salesperson is able to call up a valuable insight immediately after the meeting addressing the exact challenge that person is facing. Your firm and your sales team are now the experts, your content has helped your prospect and your own expertise is now shaping the way that prospective client sees the problem and your solution.