It seems like there is a coin toss when you read an article on marketing. Heads: the subject is the best new thing and if you aren’t doing it you are a fool. Tails: the subject is a complete waste of time and should be forgotten.

Marketing is nuanced. There is no panacea, silver bullet or special trick to good marketing.

We are at Passle, a technology company. Our software and sales approach accounts for most of our marketing efforts. But we do still make use of print marketing, billboard ads, events, hospitality and PR.

Developing and utilising a range of tools is the duty of a good marketer. No one tool (yes not even Passle) should demand too much focus. Instead, the focus of the marketing team needs to be on the value proposition, the customer and the fit between the two.

There is no one channel, one tactic that will communicate your values perfectly to all the right people.