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Newsjacking: inject your ideas into the trending story of today.

It's a familiar scenario. There's a trending story that impacts your market or is in some way relevant for your readers (sometimes at a stretch). Jumping on board this bandwagon can be an easy win.

Here are my three tips for successfully highjacking the narrative.

1. Be quick - today's news is tomorrow's chip wrapper, after all, a late news jack is no good to anyone.

2. Be relevant - it can be tempting to overreach and focus too much on a trending idea, be sure to link it to your audience and their needs.

3. Be yourself - newsjacking wins because it's above all interesting. Showing a little personality and humour only reinforces that.

My favourite example of a newsjack comes from Nigel Walsh. Here is his response to the release of the iPhone X and its impact on the insurance market. He's quick to the point, relates the news to his insurance readers and he writes from personal experiences - showcasing his personality. 

Some examples of Newsjacking from the Passle team

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