In PM Forum magazine this morning I read the following article from Helen Burness of Saltmarsh Marketing.

She focuses on advice for small marketing teams and standalone marketers for law firms. Apparently, small firms are 99% of the number of law firms and employ 59% of the total number of lawyers in private practice.

Each of these points makes a lot of sense for small marketing teams in any industry. I agree most with the point around leveraging the strengths of your colleagues in other departments. 

If you can enable and empower your colleagues from across the business, their expertise can help you understand the market better and convey a message that resonates.

I fully recommend you read the entire article, Helen has done a great job.

Here is my summary of her points. I would obviously add an eighth point - Passle.

1. Plan - small teams can get stuck in a reactive stage and need to take a step back often.

2. People - Empower your fee earners to become your salesforce and brand ambassadors.

3. Partners - Develop a network of external partners to support you and the business.

4. Process - Build a marketing playlist of workflows and checklists to make things easy and help when you are not there.

5. Platforms - Support yourself with the right platforms for (communication, social, co-working).

6. Proof - Small budgets demand accountability, focus on the metrics that matter.

7. Professional development - As the marketing expert, it's important to grow your knowledge through thought leaders, courses and seminars.