There is a lot to be said at the moment around how public figures are communicating and the manner in which they use language to blur what is really going on. So, as the UK decays before our very eyes, I thought now was the time to dive into a bit of Orwellian wisdom and picked up a copy of Politics and the English Language.

It would be too easy to comment on how the below principles should be followed by all political and public figures so I instead turn my attention to their utility within the B2B sphere. 

There is a multitude of research from the likes of LinkedIn, Edelman and Hinge Marketing (some of which is listed at the bottom of this post) on what makes content successful, but the general consensus is that short, phone-friendly content - think two to three swipes of a thumb to read - from a trusted person in your life is a good starting point. 

When you come to writing your insights, keep it short & simple. Your communications should leave nobody in doubt as to what you are saying or doing. The smartest people make even the most complex of ideas appear simple. 

Useful pieces of research: