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See the world through your expert lens

Whether you are interested in football or not, the book on Pep Guardolia's tenure at FC Barcelona (The Barcelona Way) is absolutely fascinating from the perspective of establishing & maintaining high performing team cultures - a thoroughly recommended read! 

When it comes to generating new ideas and ways of thinking, it was interesting to read that Guardolia doesn't solely rely on the world of football for inspiration. Rather, he follows current affairs, seeks out other experts, and draws on historical learnings by applying his footballing brain to internalise their relevance to football management. "In other words, he finds a lesson applicable to football everywhere" (p124). 

I couldn't help but think about how an expert in any profession can easily replicate this behaviour. Rather than 'footballizing' an idea, you can apply your expert lens - the unique way in which you see the world based on your expertise within a niche field - and 'accountantize', 'lawerize', 'surveyorize' the same idea. Indeed many people may pay for your expert opinion around a piece of regulation, news, or update to a marketplace. 

You can apply this same mindset to creating content. As an industry expert, rather than relying on industry publications, or niche announcements which may be few and far between in some service-lines, look for opportunities to draw on more generic news for inspiration. 

I have linked some brilliant expert posts which do exactly this: 

Employment law analysis following an Irish weather report - When Hurricane Lorenzo meets Ireland - Bláthnaid Evans, Head of Employment Practice, Leman Solicitors

Privacy law and #ColeenvsRebekah - The privacy tales of WAGatha Christie...Claire Greaney, Senior Associate, Charles Russell Speechlys

Cycling News & doping allegations - Employee misconduct: is dismissal the only remedy? - Matthew Ramsey, Senior Solicitor & Professional Support Lawyer, Macfarlanes 

Insurance and Volvo's 'Car Accident Advisor Service' - Insurers take notice, you might lose your FNOL - Nigel Walsh, Partner, Deloitte 

Crisis management and the Royal Family - Are the Sussexes re-shaping the British Monarchy’s approach to crisis management? - Caroline La Rose, Program Director, Hotwire Global 

Property ratings and dividing cake - Let them eat cake... - Josh Myerson, Head of Rating, Montagu Evans 

Travel law and Thomas Cook going bust - Keep calm and carry on...the Thomas Cook story - Farina Azam, Partner, Kemp Little  

And a few I couldn't miss about the Rugby World Cup: 

RUGBY v WORK - WHO WINS? - Rachel Clayfield, Partner, Carbon Law 

Trying it on – ambush marketing and the Rugby World Cup - Alex Kelham, Partner, Lewis Silkin 

World Cup Summer: From FIFA to Fortnite - Nick White, Partner, Charles Russell Speechlys 

DLA Piper Sports Podcast: Episode 1: RFU - Rugby World Cup and Social Media - Nicholas Fitzpatrick, Partner, & Alasdair Muller, Associate, DLA Piper 

"I sit down and watch videos. I take notes. That's when that inspiration comes - the moment that makes sense of my profession. The instant I know, for sure, that I've got it. I know how to win. It's the moment that my job becomes truly meaningful." Pep Guardolia

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