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Covid-19 Professional Services Response Spotlight: Howard Kennedy

We've seen lots of different marketing responses from professional services firms to the Covid-19 outbreak, some have adapted better than others and are able to stay virtually close to their clients and the market through the knowledge of their experts.

Across the entire Passle network, consumption of content and expertise has increased by over 100%, with the firms that are responding appropriately seeing a much larger increase than those that have not.

One of the best specific examples of a firmwide marketing response to Covid-19 has been from Howard Kennedy, we've been keeping an eye on what's happening over there and there is a lot to learn from.

Here's our spotlight on Howard Kennedy and how they are getting their response right. 

Be relevant & granular

There is loads of noise at the moment in the content space around Covid-19 and it's implications. Some of it is useful and valuable, some less so. 

Howard Kennedy have an approach to content that could best be described as "client-focused". Rather than creating anything and everything, they are focusing on the areas and issues that their clients are facing in different industries.

Demonstrating an understanding of a client's challenges is the first step to positioning your firm as the best partner to help - Howard Kennedy have absolutely nailed this. From their sector-specific social media imagery to their hyper-relevant content they have set the standard (in my opinion).

Be timely & be brief

People are working at home, they no longer have a long commute, event commitments of meetings - but they still do not have the time to sit down and read 10,000 words about something that happened a few weeks ago.

Timely, brief content is the most valuable to readers and Howard Kennedy are expertly applying that principle. 

Their Coronavirus insights page is full of up to the minute advice on the various developments of Covid-19. Just one of the many examples is this post here from Alexandra Mizzi who has summarised some of the most critical questions and answers around employee wellbeing.

Distribute effectively

If the expertise stays in the heads of your experts it's no good to anyone. Equally, if content stays buried on your website the wider market receives no benefit. 

Here are some of the best practice ways Howard Kennedy are delivering their content:

  • Regular daily LinkedIn updates with appropriate topic #hastags and namechecks for authors.
  • An E-Alert or email newsletter where clients can select their preferences for topics, industries or authors.
  • Direct peer to peer sharing from Lawyers to clients of relevant articles

Showcase the Experts

Finally, but perhaps most critically, clients and prospects want to hear from experts. They trust advice from the subject matter specialists more than any other source of information. It's then so important to showcase who is producing content and include a reassuring association with your firm.

Howard Kennedy have done this by including a picture of their Partner at the top of their main insights page, but they've also included images and profiles for their lawyers on each of the pages for each of the individual insights.

Clients and the market are looking to their advisors more and more for advice, ensuring your experts are providing timely, relevant and valuable advice from a recognisable source is why we've spotlighted Howard Kennedy here. There are many firms that are doing this so stay tuned for more best practice spotlights. 


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