Last week actually went quite quickly don't you think?  There certainly seems to be a lot more acceptance that we are all going to be locked down for the foreseeable future and we can't really change it and so we might as well do the British thing and just get on with it.

This nicely leads me on to the first of the good news stories that I am rounding up this week

StartUp firms still hiring across Europe amid coronavirus- Whilst many people have lost or had their jobs put on hold, there is a whole raft of startups out there that are booming and as a result, are recruiting frantically.  Find the article here with the full list.

Woodbox Pizzeria in Brighton boils up vats of bolognaise in bid to dodge crisis- Preparing frozen gallons of ragu was the order of the day for owner Neil Barclay just before his restaurant was ordered to close its doors.  His hungry customers can still continue to order food and they can donate cash to an NHS pot to give free food to workers.  See full article here

Claridge's offers free rooms to NHS workers unable to go home during pandemic- The 5-star hotel shut its doors for the first time in 200 years but is keeping them open to 40 doctors, nurses and key workers with the guests staying in rooms that normally start at £650 whilst also including breakfast and dinner.  See full article here

AA offers free breakdown assistance for NHS workers- A dedicated hotline has been set up for all 1.5 million NHS workers so that they can call if they are unlucky enough to breakdown on the way to and from work.  See full article here

Mother with stage 4 cancer who then caught coronavirus, is up and running her spin studio again after defeating the disease in 3 weeks- Hillary Bentwood a mother of 2, exclaimed that she was 'too young to die' after contracting the tell tale symptoms of coronavirus whilst also being treated for cancer.  Staying calm was key to her getting better as panicking made the fight for breath even harder.  See full article here

Easter bunny & the tooth fairy are essential workers too- The prime minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Arden, grew the list of essential workers to include the easter bunny and the tooth fairy.  Whilst urging people to stay at home for the Easter weekend, she did acknowledge that the tooth fairy would have an easier time of it during the pandemic.  Full article here

Virtual Grand National raises £2.6 million for NHS charities together- With the cancellation of the actual live event, the virtual grand national was watched by 4.8 million people.  See full article here

Germany treats dozens of patients from France and Italy- Germany has stepped in to help its European neighbours when they need it most.  With much higher capacity and more intensive care beds Germany is able to treat patients from Alsace and Lombardy.  See full article here

World's oldest Coronavirus survivor lives to celebrate 104th birthday- William Lapschies is fully recovered and feeling perky after battling off the disease in Oregon. See full article here

Over 6,175 mental health workers volunteer to offer free services to struggling New Yorkers- A free hotline as well as online services have been set up and made available to anyone that needs help and support in New York.  See full article here

As always please do reach out with any of your own good news stories for inclusion.  My youngest is still keeping herself amused with the Snapchat app!