Recovery tactics are at the top of everyone's priorities list at the moment. At the risk of falling into my own trap and talking to the same point as everyone else this week, I thought I'd weigh in.

Once you have made sure that everyone is safe and can work effectively. It's time to consider how you can stay close to your clients, retain your share of voice and position for the firm to gain market share through the recovery.

While revenue may be difficult to increase today, marketing presence in a downturn translates into success down the line.

Using the Red, Amber, Green for project management we can categorise where to increase efficiency, where to maintain caution and where to empower the firm. 

Red light - Increase efficiency

If there are activities that don't help you stay close to clients, maintain share of market voice or empower your firm to drive revenue from home - now might be the time to cut it.

  • Consolidate multiple systems
  • Adopt technology & processes to deliver cost and time savings
  • Look for digital alternatives to physical activities

Amber light - maintain oversight

These are the activities that need to be reconsidered. Can they be transitioned, recalibrated or replaced.

  • Focus on tangible metrics & share of voice
  • Assess governance & approval protocols and how suited they are to a physically distributed team

Green light - Empower revenue drivers

Push the activities that now drive revenue for your firm? Increase and focused on the things you can do to bring you closer to clients and prospects.

  • Stay digitally close to clients
  • Provide tools and remit to function remotely