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The Passle Author Checklist

When you're a busy professional it can be tricky to find the time to sit down and create a piece of content. But, getting out an expert piece of thought leadership doesn't have to be difficult. Simply follow this easy formula to get your expert knowledge and opinions out in a matter of minutes with our Passle Author Checklist.

1. Listen

Finding inspiration to create content can often be the hardest hurdle to cross - but it doesn't have to be. Creating client-relevant content is easy: listen to what your clients are talking about and start from there! Pay attention to the topics they bring up during meetings, what challenges they face and what they engage with on social media, such as LinkedIn. Use those interactions as inspiration for your next piece of content.

2. Create 

It can be easy to spend hours putting together a piece of thought leadership but by following a quick and simple structure you can get content out in a very timely manner. Start with a strong title that makes it clear what topic you are covering. Next, decide on the one key point you want to focus on and use your first paragraph to introduce it and add some context. For the main body of the text, first address the subject and purpose of the post and then finish off by expressing why this is important and how it affects your audience. Be sure to add in your expert knowledge and opinion - your audience are interested in what you have to say. 

3. Engage

Once your piece of content is live on your website, make sure you are leveraging it in every way possible to get it in front of the right eyes: clients and potential clients. 

Always share yours and your colleague's posts to Linkedin (or other relevant social networks). Make sure you are connected to the right people. When sharing, do write a short comment to accompany the post to maximise engagement.

But, don't just leave it there. Pay attention to who is liking, commenting on and sharing your posts on social networks and use it as an opportunity to interact with them. If a new person has liked your post, use it as a conversation starter by reaching out to them on LinkedIn and introducing yourself.

Finally, use Passle's ISTATOY function (the orange envelope button) to email your post directly to a contact. This is the surefire way to get your content in front of the exact person you want reading it.


Download our Author Checklist and follow these steps to become a content superhero!


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