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The Value of Content

It is clear that content has become more valuable than ever. If B2B firms were not putting a content strategy at the top of their priority list before Covid-19, they certainly are now. 

In the absence of being able to connect in person, it is important for firms to be able to showcase their expertise to their target audience, and writing regular content around their area of expertise is a brilliant way of doing this. 

A recent report by DemandGen showed that 42% of B2B buyers consumed between three and five pieces of content marketing before engaging with a salesperson. In many instances, they are making a decision on which firm to choose based on what they are reading. 

If firms and individuals within them are not creating regular, then they are already falling behind competitors who are.

By now we can (hopefully) assume that most firms know it is absolutely vital to have a digital presence in order to be competitive. Just across the Passle network, we have seen a 53% increase in content over the past 2 years. However, with more and more content out there, firms now have to make sure their content stands out and resonates with their target audience. We can no longer get away with writing content for the sake of it. Content needs to be well thought through and written with clients and their businesses in mind. 

If firms can not only activate the voices of their experts and get them to create content but also get the experts to write content that resonates then, they will very quickly start to see the ROI. 

As B2B marketers look for more impactful ways to resonate with their customers and prospects, new research indicates that content may be the key to making a lasting impression. DemandGen recently published the “2022 Content Preferences Survey Report,” and statistics indicated that the majority of B2B buyers (42%) consume between three and five pieces of content marketing before engaging with a salesperson.


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