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Doing More With Less

A little over a week ago I joined a fantastic webinar hosted by Chris Fritsch and Stefanie Marrone, the full title of the webinar was Doing More with Less: Effective Marketing for Small and Mid-size Law Firms.
Doesn't everyone want to do more with less? That's why in this webinar they discuss leveraging social media and content marketing for lead generation and brand building. Creating a big impact without having to dedicate a big budget.

There was a lot for the two of them to cover but the important focus points were:

  • Utilizing Technology
  • Social Media
  • eMarketing
  • Data Quality
  • Budget Friendly Options

The good news is that they have a recording of the webinar which you can see above.
The even better news is that they have a part two to the webinar which you can sign up to - Click Here

"Don't under estimate the power of the tried and true but its got to be about your clients" Stefanie Marrone on the topic of eMarketing


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