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Getting Your Passle Steps N*Sync

Passle enables easy content creation and sharing. Passle creates an impressive symphony of thought leadership, with strings held together by our unique set of tools and controls.

Though it may seem intimidating, we have developed an internal process to make these tasks easier for you to manage by helping you understand who is responsible for what, and at what times.

If launching your Passle is like preparing a symphony for an orchestra, allow us to show you how we coordinate all the pieces.

Client Success Team: World Class Conductors

Our client success team is comprised of consummate professionals, ready to take ownership in handling your onboarding. Think of them as conductors who deeply understand the process, and provide you with white-glove treatment, from start to finish. They perform a lot of the heavy lifting to help you pull off a successful Passle integration at your firm. 

The Client Success team goes through a detailed project plan with a checklist of deliverables to ensure a smooth launch process. We communicate openly and transparently with you about what information is needed from you and your team as we custom tailor the Passle platform to your set of specifications and needs.

As an administrator for the platform, your job will be to manage the orchestra (end users), the venue (web designer), and security & logistics (internal IT team). The information in this article will advise you on how.

Platform Users: The Orchestra

In this example, the end-users, such as the partners or associates at your firm, are similar to the musicians playing in an orchestra. Your end-users are the talent that creates the content that everyone has come to see. End-users need to provide their first and last name, their email addresses, as well as their designated role to be signed up for Passle. 

They will also need to watch a brief first-time author training, as well as add the Passle button or extension to their browser. They may choose to also download our app on the Google Play and IOS App Store so they can create and share content on the go.

Initializing their account may require additional information, such as bio text, profile pictures, and other unique details. Our Client Success team will work with you to get a list of users and populate this for you on your behalf. Once your Passle is set up, users can also edit their own profile with information on who they are, where they work, social networks, and much more.

Web Design Agency: Venue & Set Designers 

If your users are the musicians and violinists, then think of the web design agency as the venue or the set designer for the orchestra. They take care of cosmetic issues, and things related to how your website looks, feels, and functions. They are not able to help or provide insight into issues relating to your security, or other internal matters for your firm. We work with them to give them access to the custom design tool (CDT) that will allow them to update the look and feel of your website appropriately. 

IT Managers: Security & Logistics 

Last but not least, we’ve got security and logistics! It’s not the most exciting for everyone, but it is of paramount importance that logistics and security be established for your Passle instance. After all, this is software and it will be managing data, so your IT Managers who work for your firm will have certain protocols to adhere to when helping with onboarding.

The team who is responsible for maintaining the integrity of your Information Systems and Services has unique concerns such as, “what will this software do to my network? Is it safe? How much will technical and usability support will be required?”

To answer those questions, Passle integrates seamlessly with your existing infrastructure and will not place undue demands on your network. Technical support for the platform will be handled by our dedicated support team.

Passle’s services are divided into 3 unique offerings Classic, Digital Transformation Suite, and Enterprise designed to give you the flexibility you need in managing a content delivery system. Additional features will require additional assistance with initialization from your IT department. 

For example, should your firm decide to use our Single-Sign-On (SSO) feature as part of our Digital Transformation Suite, your internal IT department will be responsible for managing the names of users to be authenticated by the SSO method. Information related to whitelisting and domains are also examples of information that would need to be shared between your internal IT team and us.

Regarding Privacy and Compliance, we are Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus certified. Here are links to our Privacy and Cookie Policy.

Current Passle users can sign-in and view the following article from our knowledge base that outlines the specific roles and responsibilities for your users, IT managers, and web agency.


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