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PM Forum Conference - Lessons learnt from deploying Martech

Successful deployment of marketing technologies is not always straightforward, especially in a law firm. However you can do several things to set yourself up for success as Samuel Taylor, Head of Clients, Data & Digital Marketing, Kingsley Napley and Simon Marshall, TBD Marketing highlighted in their workshop at the PM Forum Conference. Here are a few things I took from the session;

Establish a Mission Statement for the project. 

As a starting point you need to make sure you can clearly define the problem you are trying to solve with the introduction of new technology. Set out what success looks like, and ultimately what the end goal is. If things start to go off track, pull things back in line by realigning with the mission statement.

As with any project, it's important to engage all of the relevant stakeholders. Simon touched on how finding Champions/Sponsors to help with the internal sell and getting on board folk that might not fully understand what you are trying to achieve with the solution you are deploying. The technology adoption curve is a bell curve model that describes how different people react to, adopt, and accept new innovative products and technologies. 

Within a firm, your stakeholders may fall into different categories. Simon suggests seeking out the Innovators and Early Adopters and using them to help champion the project and win over the rest of the firm.

For more on the adoption bell curve and delivering digital transformation within a firm check out this post from Passle's Co-founder Adam Elgar - Delivering Digital Transformation in Professional Services firms

Give everyone a voice. 

There might be slumps and hiccups, but often there are early warning signs that come with these. Everyone involved in the project needs to feel empowered to raise any Red flags (or amber and green for the matter!). Highlight a problem before it's a problem and if things do get derailed - regroup and realign with the mission statement. 

Instil a sense of fun and Celebrate Success & Milestones along the way.  

This helps to bring the delivery team together and encourages ownership.


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