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Taking the composable approach: Inside the build of a law firm website with Lewis Silkin

Law firm websites typically get thrown out every 3-4 years and rebuilt. That’s because the traditional monolithic approach to building a digital platform becomes expensive and clunky to update, to the point that the better option is to simply start again. 

With a composable approach to digital architecture, firms are able to adapt, streamline and future-proof their online platforms to evolve as their business grows and changes.

In fact, Gartner claims that organisations that have adopted composable will be 80% faster at implementing new features compared to the competition.

At CMO Series Live in June, we were lucky enough to hear from Phil Tyler and Alex Walker from Lewis Silkin, alongside Bryan Archer from 3chillies, who shared their invaluable insights and experience of building law firm websites that are fit for the future using composable architecture. 

Here are the three key takeaways:

  • Purposeful beginnings: Start the project with clear goals in mind. Lewis Silkin's revamp aimed to improve accessibility and unify multiple platforms, and a transformative shift from a monolithic structure to a composable platform set the stage for success.
  • Stakeholder Synergy: Engage diverse stakeholders, including international players and clients from the outset. For Lewis Silkin, this ensured the new website resonated with everyone across the board. A dedicated discovery phase emerged as a vital driver.
  • In-tune technology: Seamlessly integrate world-leading technologies. This was a challenge but agile integration and composable architecture allowed evolution without upheaval, enabling Lewis Silkin to select top-tier technologies to take the business forward.

This fascinating panel showcased the power of purpose, stakeholder engagement, and composable technology. A compass for successful website evolution.

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