I've heard it too many times from IT contacts; "we don't need social media it doesn't work for us"9 times out of 10 they did the same thing; they set up Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter profiles and most of their content was just sales pitches. As a wise woman said to me at the beginning of this explosion: "social media is like church; people go there to make friends and be part of the community, not to sell each other things". What frustrates me about some of the naysayers is that many of them build websites with little to know grasp of SEO, and as such don't grasp that fresh content will improve their search rankings while at the same time helping their customers and potentials. Keep it simple; start a weekly blog and get a variety of voices from your business to contribute and make comment. Assist your clients and potentials with helpful content. Create a channel on YouTube, link it to your other social profiles and start making short helpful "how to's on computer basics like maintenance tasks or clearing up disk space. What ways do you use social media to improve your b2b?