The article below summarizes the 5 types of titles you find the most frequently online. They're clickbait titles, but they work, or they wouldn't be around.

Would I advise people blogging for their business to use them? probably not.

Having said that, they can be useful, and I do think those blogging for their business should spend a little bit more time crafting titles.

As it stands, beginner bloggers tend to go for one of these types of titles:

  • short non-sequitur or obscure references. Makes sense once you read the article, but doesn't draw you in or describe the content at all.
  • long-winded. Gives you pretty much the whole article in a headline, with nothing much else in the content.

Plenty get it right, thankfully.

One of my first posts for Passle was 'How to write a killer headline without using linkbait', you might find it useful!