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Personal brand - Are you looking after yours?

A friend of mine is a scientist.  He's researching how to cure cancer.  As you'd imagine it is very hard.   Last week he published a major paper which he is quite rightly very proud of.  In the science world it is very important where your name appears on the author-list when you publish.  Being at the bottom of the list is best.  Next best is the top (bit odd but there you go).  He was at the bottom - brilliant news.  This paper is a big deal.  Years in the making it should boost his career.

He did not share his accomplishments online.  However, one of the other authors mentioned on the paper shared it on LinkedIn.  Great news you think - the more coverage the better. But when this other author posted she changed the order of the author-list dropping him from the most important spot.  Bad manners at best.   

My friend was a bit upset.  When he told me I was furious. His personal brand was being attacked.  We had a chat about 'personal brand' and how important it is to protect your own 'brand' online. As Bryan Kramer explains in the article below - the most important tool you have in building your business (and scientific research is very competitive) is you.    The story ended with a strongly worded note and a swift update on LinkedIn.  

What this story tells me is that we all need to be vigilant.  We need to ensure that we invest in our own brand.  One way to do this is obviously to publish successes and also to regularly post ongoing insights, thoughts and comments (like this one).  Of course the other lesson from this is to be vigilant.  Be sure to check out what others are saying about you.  Be engaged.

Great advice from Bryan below....

Stop and think for a moment. What would you say is the most important thing to ensure career success? Is it your impressive range of product knowledge for your industry? Perhaps it’s your ability to grow your client’s social presence? While those skills are impressive, as a marketer (as in life) there’s really only once answer that counts. When it comes to growing your business-the most important tool you have is you. That’s right. You.


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