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How can modern marketers really help recruiters? #EdgeRecruit

I've spent most of today at On the Edge Digital's Marketing within the recruitment sector event - featuring all sorts of fascinating talks on topics ranging from PPC to finding a story from data. Our own Connor Kinnear was there to discuss ways to create compelling content on LinkedIn that involves your whole team.

I was particularly struck by the first talk, Simon Welcomme's What is the point? How can Modern Marketers Really Help Recruiters? which comprehensively damned outbound marketing: 'it's missing its targets and pissing people off'. The solution, he says, is not just for marketers to go for an inbound strategy but to educate and involve recruiters into the process. 

Both the marketer's role and the recruiter's role have changed significantly in the last decade, and companies must adapt or become obsolete. He defined the marketer's role as an enabler, training and advising recruiters to become expert digital networkers and influencers.

I particularly appreciated Welcomme's statement that marketers should involve 'recruiters in the curation, creation and distribution of valuable, personalised content’. That's exactly what we aim for here at Passle!


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