We all know storytelling is a great way to communicate an idea and it is a great way to create great content.  

I love this simple advice from Sandra Davis - Senior Consultant at Bladonmore - 'When it comes to writing content remember FOAM:'

- Facts: Facts establish size, scale, and what’s at stake 

- Observations: Your expert perspective on the marketplace and the issues faced by your clients.

- Anecdotes: Stories that bring your ideas to life. Relevant business stories are even better.

- Metaphors: Metaphor, simile and analogy cut through the waffle to create shortcuts to understanding

So here goes,

Once upon a time...

There was a chap called Bob who was excellent at his job but who had real trouble showing that expertise to all the people he knew online.  His problem was he could not think of what to write and only had little time to write it.  

To think, Bob loved a long hot soak in the tub. So he drew himself a long hot bath and added bubble bath to produce lots of foam (see where I am going here).  In the bath he thought of all the experiences he had had, all the facts he knew, all the things he had seen and was inspired!  Leaping from the bath Bob got to his laptop (where fortunately he had some great tech called Passle that made creating and sharing content really easy) and started writing some wonderful content using metaphors and anecdotes to get his message across.  Success!!  His post was fantastic (and only took 10 minutes to create :)).

Bob, Bob's boss and all of Bob's online community could not have been happier with the resulting post and all shared the post with all their friends and contacts.  Bob received some lovely feedback and that feedback led to new business as well as helping Bob establish himself as  the go to guy.  Bob loves telling stories! 

And Bob lived happily ever after :)