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SEO myths

We often get asked whether Passle is optimised for search which always strikes me as a odd question. We're a content marketing platform, of course we've spent ages on SEO best practice. 

The point that is made below, however, is really important. If you write content that is of value to your audience, not only will your readers value your content more, Google will too. That, after all, is the point of a search engine, to suggest content that will be of greatest value to the searcher. 

Myth five: I need to learn the “tricks” of SEO to outsmart Google. Instead of trying to outsmart Google, shoot for better content that’s targeted at your audience. This will get you noticed by Google far sooner than a tweak to the site’s code, so focus on creating quality content relevant to their audience.  You should think about the keywords that potential visitors might use to find your website and create content around those words.  Add links to social media, create blogs and upload videos that might be useful to your visitors. Link out to quality content on other sites that may also be useful to a visitor.


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