This is a conundrum we often run into when getting subject matter experts to regularly share their insights online. There is often an assumption that if your industry is categorised as 'boring', then people will not want to read what you have to say.  

However, below are a few tips to help take your unique view of the professional world and turn it into an interesting read for your target audience: 

1. Understand the challenges your audience face - (especially if you operate in a client-facing role) you will have a detailed understanding of the issues that you can help resolve either as an individual, or an organisation. Writing content that is genuinely helpful will be of incredible value to your reader. 

2. Use relatable and timely analogies - although somewhat to an extreme extent, Pokemon Go has provided a brilliant example of people using topical analogies to get their point across - so much so that we built a dedicated Passle channel for all the content being created. This can be an engaging mechanism to take a complex point and relay it in simpler terms.

Other points to consider:

  • be specific and to the point
  • where possible remove technical jargon
  • consider the format and use of visual aids
  • include your experiences and also interview others to share theirs