This is without doubt the first time I have cited a West Country chicken coop manufacturer as a beacon of Content Marketing. 

But it really has been superb and terribly simple.

As my youth receeds, I have recently found myself buying a chicken coop. I have yet to make the coop but I already love the firm that I bought it from simply because they have sent me a series of post-sales "things to know about chickens". 

The reason it works so well is that I don't know enough about chickens and I am fearful that it will all go wrong, leading quickly to dead chickens and inconsolable children. So right now I am very keen to learn all I can. 

This situation probably will not last very long, the chickens will either die or survive, so from the firm's perspective they only have a small-ish window to position themselves as the trusted advisors - and that is exactly what they have done.

Basically, their follow-up information shows that they care and know a lot about chickens and chicken coops. 

And that is all I want from them and I think they are great. 

You should consider doing the same at your firm. At the point of purchase your customers are very likely to be keen to know more. Help them and position yourselves as the experts. It can be very simple, and generic, "how to" information but they will be very grateful.