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Making Bathrooms Matter: Emotional Connection = Brand Recognition

A clear, simple, yet evocative message - bathrooms matter.

Resonating with a range of core emotions this bathstore advert transforms the bathroom from an ordinary household room into a place where "big things happen". Appealing to a range of personas, this is not a room to be overlooked, but rather the place for your next eureka moment, for clarity, or in which your next big news will be broken. 

Creating an emotional connection with your audience will drive an affinity with your brand. 

In a talk titled 'The Goose-Bump Effect', Simon Phillips, Managing Director of the creative agency Hodes UK, explained how using emotional connections to engage your audience and creating 'goose-bumps' can have tangible value for your business. 

From the perspective of employer brand alone, content that connects with your audience on an emotional level will enable you to engage with active and passive candidates, grow your candidate pool, as well as connecting with your existing employees which will result in better business performance.

At bathstore we are the bathroom experts. We know that bathrooms matter and that's why we offer a complete service from inspiration to installation...


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