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Write like you are having a natter

Laura at OnlyMarketingJobs is a great writer (and a fabulous person).  Her advice in this blog post is spot on - when you are creating content write like you're having a chat.

The famous British Broadcaster Terry Wogan said about broadcasting on the radio that he only ever talked like he was having a conversation with one person - and that is true of writing blogs.

Imagine you are just having a chat with someone who is interested in your niche in business and write like are having a chat.   All that needs to be added is a little courage to believe in yourself!

Secondly, write like you’re having a chat. I find this works best for me in any case and I’m lucky because our audience is particularly responsive to it. The best advice I could ever give someone when it comes to writing is to write as though you’re having a conversation or an argument with someone (depending on the nature of the article). When you write like you’re having a chat, you’ll find that there’s a natural flow to what you’re writing and you’ll probably get more work done. Try it!


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