Tom Tunguz writes nearly daily on his excellent data-driven blog In the interview below, he's asked by Harry Stebbings how he manages to create so much data-rich content so often.

The answer it seems is a mix between a bat-like ability to get up and write at 4.30am and applying a structure that he attributes to Barbara Minto of "situation, complication, question and answer". Essentially this means in writing his posts, Tom analyses, much as a consultant might, what the status quo was, what has changed and then the question this change poses and, finally, the answer to the question. 

This is potentially a very useful structure for others producing B2B content, because it enables us to look at what's happening in our industries, contextualise it and explain both the opportunity and the risk to readers. 

At a practical level, he also references using dictation software to be able to author quickly (four times faster than writing) and recommends a noise-cancelling headset to improve accuracy. This is now very simple to using Passle on mobile.

The whole interview is well worth a listen but the bit about creating content is 17 minutes in.