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GDPR - The Elephant in the Room.

Setting an ominous tone at #EdgeRecruit, Guy Rubin (in picture) tackled the contentious topic of GDPR and the impact it's set to have on the recruitment sector. 

With 50% of the room previously unaware and faced with the daunting prospect of dealing with the looming post-GDPR apocalypse, our tables were conversely tasked with discussing the opportunity and benefits GDPR presents for recruitment businesses!

Recovering from the initial shell-shock, we circulated a number of ideas as to how recruitment (both agency and in-house) can thrive post-GDPR. Of those, included: 

  • a more personalised approach to candidate marketing;
  • social selling; 
  • content marketing; 
  • social referrals;
  • more face-to-face interactions (i.e. at events); etc.

With 14 months until the legislation becomes enforceable however, it quickly became apparent that there is a clear window of opportunity to lead the charge and ensure you maximise relationships with existing contacts. Over the next 14 months there is the ability to pre-audit your databases, ensuring subscriber lists are filled with engaged prospects. As with GDPR you have to be able to prove an audit trail for any personal information you hold from a prospect, then now is the time to confirm they wish to opt-in to your future communications.

I think there will be a number of positives for the organisations that are able to lead when it comes to post-GDPR marketing, none less than organisations encouraged to focus on building lasting business relationships. Those due to miss out (and be in danger of some hefty fines for damages) will be companies that employ a scatter gun approach to prospecting and in constant search of the quick wins. 

Therefore, although there may be a lot to take in and come to terms with a post-GDRP go to market strategy, I think there are a number of benefits available for companies who deliver value to the recruitment process and foster closer relationships with clients and candidates. 

If you want to learn more about how to prepare for GDPR we are hosting an event titled: Digital Privacy in the B2B Landscape on 4th April.

From May 2018, recruiters will only be allowed to contact people who’ve opted-in With GDPR in place, Recruitment firms will need to prove candidates and clients consent to you holding their data


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