Marketers seem to comprise of two types of people at present: those blissfully unaware of GDPR, and those in the know. So for the former group, let me just say in brief that you're going to have to take a hard look at how you store and use data (emails, names, phone numbers, etc). 

This will particularly affect marketing activities such as email marketing, and events. So if you can't prove everyone on your mailing lists has opted in for instance, you could be in financial trouble.

Fortunately (and there is a fortunate side here!), you still have a little over a year to sort this out. I give some practical advice on how you can do this over here.

I would also urge you, if you are in, or near, London, to come along to our Digital Privacy in the B2B Landscape event on 4th April. We've teamed up with Kingpin to bring you experts from different industries to share their advice on how to best prepare your business. You can book your tickets here.