How do we judge someone/form an opinion before we meet or even ever engage with them? How do you actually judge/research someone before a meeting? Most searches go as far as a quick look-up on Google, check out their LinkedIn and the company website. That is very small window of opportunity to differentiate yourself as well as to influence and engage.

For the majority of professionals, there is a gap between what people say they are face-to-face and what a quick search online reveals.

Creating regular, relevant and timely content is one way of standing out from the crowd and helps you engage with the key people in your business ecosystem long before you know they even exist. Most crucially, it starts to build trust - the most valuable currency around. If you can start building trust long before your competitors, you have a clear advantage. 

Building trust used to begin with a firm handshake at the start of the meeting. Now, your digital profile is the reason you get that meeting in the first place. Consistently showing what you know validates your other credentials and is vital to building a trust-based relationship with your key prospects long before you even meet them - especially if you believe that 57% of the buying decision takes place before contact is even made!

If someone was to search for your you, what would appear? An online CV like everyone else or something more tangible & engaging? The benefits are numerous - it can increase leads, improve client relationships and position you as the go-to force in your field.