Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) are most commonly known for innovating from a technical standpoint, with world leading Cloud technology, data storage etc. However, this really interesting article talks about them leading the way in eliciting employee engagement throughout their organisation. It concerns the employee advocacy program they enacted last year and why they decided to enact it in the very first instance - it "stems from the need for authentic human-to-interaction."

HPE, like many organisations, have come to realise that the power of their employees' networks is infinitely more powerful than any network accumulated on a branded account. It is so much easier to relate and trust the words of someone who you know and can physically interact with - brands just don't have this power nor can we truly interact with them. 

Through encouraging their employees to take more ownership and personalise content which they share online, they have achieved greater online engagement, grown the brand and the individuals have grown their own digital footprints.

The next step for HPE will be to encourage their employees to create fresh and original content to share within their own networks - moving them from a source of interesting information to a social influencer & thought leader. Then they will be able to deliver truly authentic content which accurately reflects the subject matter expertise of each one of their experts.