I've been participating in the excellent Summit on Content Marketing, which, since the 22nd May has been releasing great webinars on all things content marketing. The video below is by Ardath Albee, and explains how to create useful personas to inform your content. So often, these types of webinars are rather wishy-washy, but Albee's is practical and interesting. 

A few takeaways: 

  • Make buyers the hero of the story
  • Make sure your content connects to each other - don't just create a blog with nowhere for readers to go to next
  • When interviewing customers for persona information, make sure it's a conversation, not an interrogation (Albee includes the types of questions you could go for, such as 'What happened that made you look for a solution?')
  • Talk to sales before your customers so you know who they want to talk to

It's not too late to sign up to the summit, you can do so by clicking here.